The results below are after about 3 months of work (Click the Images to enlarge).

The dots mean the website was ranking in the top 100 search results on that day.

Results for a Pest Control Company

Pest Control London

Bed Bug Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control

Pest Control Contracts

Mouse Control

Mouse Exterminator London

Pest Control North London

Pest Control Services

Wasp Nest Removal

Results for a Jewellery Company

This is a difficult niche with some tough competition in London, so you can see results are slower because of the higher competitiveness of the niche.

Hatton Garden Jewellers

hatton garden jewellers

Hatton Garden Jewellers is their main keyword with over 5000 searches per month. This means it is difficult and slow to move up the rankings, but step by step it is moving in the right direction.

Hatton Garden Jewellery Shops

hatton garden jewellery shop

Hatton Garden Jewellery Shops is the second main keyword which has about 300 searches per month.

We have moved it from the second page to the first which means the site will get some of those 300 people going to their website each month.

Loose Diamonds Hatton Garden

loose diamonds hatton garden

Loose diamonds Hatton Garden went up to 8th before falling to 13th. This is good though because it has a new higher stable base than it previously had to build from.

Which means it will be easier to get back to the first page and sustain it because of the stronger foundations.

Results for a Coach Company

This is a great example of how when you properly optimise your website for your main keywords you get similar and related keywords moving up too.

Corporate Coach Hire – Before

corporate coach hire before

Corporate Coach Hire – After

corporate coach hire after

Stag Do / Hen Do Minibus Hire – Before

Stag Do and Hen Do before

Stag Do / Hen Do Minibus Hire – After

Stag Do and Hen Do after

Hummer Hire – Before
(brand new page created on February 8th)

hummer before

Hummer Hire – After

hummer after

Results For Our Website Happy Koala

We started Happy Koala at the beginning of April 2019.

These results are after 3 months of work (today is 30/6/2019).

There is a lot of great agencies in Birmingham, so we thought it was going to take about 6 months to hit the first page for the main keywords we were going for.

However, we surprised ourselves and have moved a lot quicker than we expected.

seo agency birmingham

SEO agency Birmingham is one of the hardest keywords to rank for.
After 3 months we made it to the first page.

birmingham seo agency

Birmingham SEO agency is the backwards version of ‘SEO agency Birmingham’, and you can see it follows a similar path but it did pop up a little higher.

If we can rank for SEO keywords when we are competing against the best of the best in Birmingham then we can probably do the same for your website.

best seo agency birmingham

It is nice to be considered by Google to be a top agency in Birmingham.

seo consultants birmingham

SEO consultants Birmingham is our 2nd main keyword.
After 3 months we are top of the 2nd page and close to getting onto the first page.

birmingham seo consultants

For the backwards version of SEO consultants Birmingham, we are already on the first page which means SEO consultants Birmingham should follow it up.

birmingham seo consultant

Another one of our main keywords and it is up to the 2nd page after 3 months.

hire seo birmingham

It is nice to see related keywords are moving to the first page.

local seo birmingham

This is a good example of what we call the Google Dance.
Which is before moving a website up, Google will drop it for a few days.

professional seo agency birmingham

You can see by the dots what days this keyword was in the top 100.
But when it did come back in the top 100 after 2 weeks it moved to the first page, and has been consistent ever since.

professional seo experts

Not quite on the first page with this keyword but it is moving in the right direction.

seo company birmingham

This is our third main keyword and after 3 months we have made it to the third page.

seo consultancy birmingham

This is a variation on one of our main keywords, and because it ranks well it means the main keyword has a good chance to rank well too.

top seo birmingham

It is nice to see these rankings.

top seo experts birmingham

With this chart and the last chart, you can see how Google’s algorithm works.

It looks like nothing is really happening and then it just pops you up 40 spots.